About The Artist

Stephanie Scott is a Seattle based artist creating oil paintings and handmade sketchbooks. She’s been painting professionally since 2012 after getting a BFA from Cornish College of the Arts. To learn more, enjoy a short Q&A:

From my studio, pre-mixing colors for “Everlasting Blue”

From my studio, pre-mixing colors for “Everlasting Blue”

Hey Stephanie!


Why do you paint?

For me, painting is life itself. My day starts with a paintbrush in hand and finishes when I put it down.  I live to paint, and I paint for a living. When I'm in the studio, when I get in the flow of the work: I feel happier and confident that I am doing something good for the world. I paint to make life brighter, filled with more energy, and inspire a boundless happiness in daily life. I think the world could use a lot more of that.

When did you start painting?

Like any American school kid, I started painting in kindergarten. However, real creation began when I was 15 and my horse, Eclipse, got sick. Alongside making art, I competed in the Appaloosa show circuit with my mother and sister. We competed on National levels and I spent most of my time intensely training as an athlete at Deerfield Farm in Issaquah, WA. When Eclipse became ill, I suddenly had a lot of time and energy going nowhere. So I turned to art.

Who inspires you?

My favorite painters are William Cummings, Augustus Vincent Tack, Zoe Frank, Antonio Lopez Garcia, Ann Gale, Rosa Bonheur, and David Schnell. Is it weird my favorite kind of art to look at is figurative work, but I never make any of it? :D

Eclipse is happy and retired, I bring him cookies every chance I get :)

Eclipse is happy and retired, I bring him cookies every chance I get :)

A recent trip to Venice, Italy to study with some painters!

A recent trip to Venice, Italy to study with some painters!

Do you listen to anything while you paint?

YES! I adore listening to audio books from the library and a few podcasts too. The Savvy Painter Podcast is a repeat offender in my studio. I also enjoy listening to chillhop music or if I'm feeling particular, The Lumineers.

What do you do in your free time?

Creating more things! My hobbies include writing (anyone participating in NaNoWriMo this year?), traveling any chance I get, mailing postcards on Postcrossing, rollerskating, and learning how to take care of plants. I have 15 plants in my apartment and counting!

Any shows coming up? What's next?

Yes! Information on shows and upcoming projects can be found HERE.

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