Commissions are accepted on a first come, first serve basis with a limited number of spots available every month. I’m currently accepting commissions through August 2019.

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A Custom Painting

Together we can design a one of a kind painting that is customized to your preference. We pick colors you are attracted to and create a piece that brings you a specific energy. The process is super fun and at the end you receive a personalized piece of art!

For your Office:

I can provide paintings to modernize your personal office, conference room, or reception area. Together we can create a professional cohesiveness and fresh energy that wasn’t there before.

In the past I’ve had office managers ask me to create series of pieces that: cause flow, inspire focus, create energy, or induce a feeling of safety. If you have a specific feeling that you want in a space, my artwork can help create that.

For your Home:

Decorating your home is important! How you place furniture, pictures, and artwork affects how you feel when you are in your residence. Artwork brings life to any space and makes it feel inviting. Having some original art in your house is a great conversation starter too.

Do you have a specific color scheme in your home? A certain motif that you enjoy? Let’s talk about a painting that will accentuate your space!

As a Gift:

Giving art is an intimate gesture, showing appreciation and affection through the image you select. People have come to me because their friend liked my artwork or their family member likes abstract art and the color blue. If you know of something specific that your giftee likes, tell me, and we can work together to create a special piece that they will love.


We will first have a conversation on what you are looking for including:

  • Colors and emotions

  • Size

  • Specific design elements

  • Budget

  • Delivery


After we nail down the details I’ll set a price, which depends on the size and complexity of the painting. Commissions start at $150 and go up from there.

For paintings valued under $400: Payment is due up front unless otherwise agreed upon and is not refundable after work has started.

For paintings valued over $400: A non-refundable deposit of 50% is required to commence work. Final payment is due upon completion.

If you need to change anything or need to back out of the arrangement, let me know as soon as possible. I want you to be happy with the artwork and I will do everything I can to make something you love. I allow 2 small revisions per painting.

I retain all rights to the artwork for use in prints, advertising, and other printed material. Written permission must be given before you, the client, can use artwork in any form of promotion or advertising. If any of the art created from this exchange is to be resold at a later date, please notify me before the sale so that I may keep track of the location of the artwork for my records.

I take cash, checks, Venmo, and (through Etsy) credit card.


Turnaround time from initial contact to a finished, dried painting varies from piece to piece. Please allow at least 4 weeks per painting requested. A more specific timeline will be designated after we confirm the other details of the painting. If you need a rush order, we can negotiate that at an additional cost.

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