YouTube Launch

Today is the day!

I’ve been thinking and talking about making art videos for months. Over a year really. Brainstorming ideas, figuring out the logistics of filming, wrestling with the moody pacific northwest light.

Preparing myself and my art to be even more visible!

Finally, on Monday of this week, I decided. “Today is the day we take Eyes Forward to the next step. Today we film.” And I had so much fun!

Someone remind me to order more Quinacridone Magenta

Someone remind me to order more Quinacridone Magenta

Why did I put off making a channel for so long? Why hadn’t I done this sooner?

Self-doubt. Excuses. Procrastination.

I’m so happy that I moved past those hurdles. My desire for people to see how I create, to make something that is interesting and relaxing to watch, was greater than my fears and doubts. The best part of doing this particular painting is that you can see my agitation and anticipation. The final composition of “I Hear The Echoes” is clear of how my mind was working during it’s creation: brimming with excitement.

I hear the echos on the wall.JPG

I’d be thrilled if you watched the video, subscribed to the channel, and left a comment! Any feedback is so welcome. If you have any advice on how to make it better the next time around please let me know :)

Have a wonderful day!